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Closing Your Pool With Care and Attention

Pool Closing Services


We offer a variety of In-Ground and Above-Ground Pool Closing Packages to meet your budget from Blow-out to Full Closing. Pricing is provided below where pool size does not effect work required to close your pool (Blow-out and Basic Close). If your closing includes lowering water or installing cover, please text or call for your free quote.

Blow-out Service   - Close your pool yourself, with confidence that your underground lines and equipment are empty. The blow-out service clears the water path including skimmer to pump line, equipment on Pad and return line back to jets. You add antifreeze (if desired) to lines, install your winter plugs and skimmer/light/main-drain protection.

Basic Closing   - Clears the water path including skimmer to pump line, equipment on Pad and return line back to jets. Add antifreeze to both lines, install your plugs and skimmer/light/main-drain protection. Includes salt cell removal when present and pump removal on Above-Ground pools.

Partial Closing   - Includes ALL in Blow-out and Basic plus your choice of Lowering the water to appropriate level OR Installing your winter cover.

Full Closing   - Includes all in Blow-out, Basic as well as Lowering the water to appropriate level AND installig one (1) winter cover. 2nd Cover (leaf net), Solar Systems and water-features (falls, etc), subject to additional fee.

The following chart lists items included (down the left) in each service by Pool type and Service Option across the top (IG followed by AG packages). Determine which works best for you, and book it, it's that simple!


* Additional water features (Falls, Solar, Step Jets, etc...) extra nominal fee.

** Standard OR Leaf Net included, Both for nominal fee.

Other Services

Pump Installation - Filter Installation - Salt System Installation***

Salt Cell Replacement - Filter Sand Change - Leak Detection

Plumbing Parts & Repairs

Aqua Lamp (Niche) Service, Parts & Closing Kits

Weekly & Vacation Maintenance Service

Above-Ground Skimmer/Return Replacement

Above-Ground Liner Replacement

Above-Ground Dismantling & Removal

Have another issue, give us a call.

    *** Install services apply to equipment we supply only.


Your pool water is only as clean as your filter!




After 5 seasons of filtering, even with regular weekly backwash, this is likely   how your sand   looks -   more like mud than sand.

Both filters have 5 seasons of filtering in slightly different environments.

While filtering, your pump must force the water downward through this top layer of accumulated silt, dirt and mud, to return to your pool.


What are you swimming in?


Fortunately, this problem can be solved and should be done every 3-5 yrs, depending on your environment (greenery), swim load and maintenance performed.



  1. Drain water from Filter.
  2. Remove filter head.
  3. Remove old sand (100% or why bother).
  4. Remove stand-pipe and laterals.
  5. Rinse clean all parts and inside of filter body.
  6. Re-install stand-pipe and laterals.
  7. Add new sand (cover top of stand-pipe and ensure alignment throughout).
  8. Fill filter with water.
  9. Re-install filter head to original position.
  10. Backwash for 3-5 minutes to   rinse dust from new sand.


Not something you want to spend your limited time doing?

Give us a call with the size (lbs) of your filter and we'll be happy to help. In addition to the steps listed above, we will bag   the old sand for your convenience of disposal.


For a limited time, save $20 on Sand Change. Reg $179.00 (+ sand), Now $159.00 (+ sand).


    Text or Call Van @ 613-858-8266




Aqua-Lamp Permanent All-Season Closing Kits

Does this look familiar?  


  End the constant replacement of fragile, expensive parts!

Go from unsightly money-trap to beautiful finish in no time:



Replacements parts for   each lamp is over $170.00!!   Repeatedly!

End the battle today with these attractive, powder coated,   all-season   closing kits.

Available exclusively at 1st Choice Pool Care.

Limited time, Just $159.99+tax (Reg. 179+tax)   Per Lamp DIY/Delivered!*

When you purchase a pair (2).

No more bulb replacement at almost $40 each!

No more cracked Receptacle replacement at over $80 each!

No more Adapter Ring replacement   (requires draining) due to broken twist-lock tabs at $30 each!

No more Lens replacement at over $20 each!

Cables getting too short, transformer box blown, spend more on bulbs than   sanitizer each year?

No problem, order your kits   today!


Buying or Selling   a home with a pool? We offer pre-purchase inspections for both Above-Ground and In-Ground pools.

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